Saturday, January 2, 2016

Beyond Vegan Miso Soup

Soul Kitchen/ Beyond Vegan/ Miso Soup

Ingredients: Added in order 
(Helps asparagus and other items at bottom of the pot to on top of the bowl, one pot per bowl )

In the pot:
Gluten Free Red Miso = 1 T. organic into boiling water.
Brussel sprouts = 6
Asparagus = 5
Seaweed (optional) = 1/2  cup, Fettuccine size, fresh in water @ Asian stores in bucket.
Oyster mushrooms, fresh = 1/2 cup
Red Chard = one leaf, with or without center stalk, halved and sliced into 1 in cuts  across the width.

In the another pot:
Buckwheat Soba noodles = 1/2 a paper wrapped roll. 
noodles into bottom of bowl then all of the cooked above. 
*Substitute = brown  rice pasta (this is gluten free)

In the bowl:
(noodles and pot in first)
Mong bean sprouts = 1/2 to 1 cup @ Asian stores.         
Spring onions Fresh = 1 cut across the width sprinkled across the top.
Jalapeno pepper = 7 slices, cut across the width into rounds soaked in rice vinegar 4.3 % (without sugar) in fridge.
Dried Thai Cabbage in center = 2 T (photo above right top)
Hoisin Sauce, Vegetarian = 1/2 T in center. (They make a gluten free, if you can find it.)
Lime, fresh = 1/2, quartered and hand squeezed across top.

Chili sauce (with the roster on it) = 1/4 tsp, start in center drip in spirals toward edge.

Eating tip: Resist stirring and turning the soup over in the bowl
Take the spoon and taste a few spoon fulls of the broth off the top, then use your chop sticks an dig/ pick out the ingredients to taste their surrounding influences as you alternate to spoon fulls of broth.

Eating tip: Drip Hoisin sauce onto occasional picked out choice.

Añjali Mudrā

Maharishi Déjà Vu

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