Sunday, March 4, 2018

Life Double Dragon Wizards Brew Kombucha

The Life Kombucha Way


(Makes 2)

Kombuch: Two 16 oz bottles
The Life Kombucha Way Pu Er Ripe Tea or Pu Er Raw Tea Kombucha 
or any original non flavored (plain) Kombucha
Apple Cider: 6 oz.
( 2 oz. each & 2 oz. for Ginger mix)
Pure Cranberry Juice: 4 oz. 
(2 oz. each)
Hibiscus Tea: 4 oz. 
(2 oz. each) cold
Pure Beet Juice: 2 tsp. 
(1 tsp. each)
Ginger: approx a one inch cube after peeled 
Fresh any or (In the fall Whole Foods Store sometimes has the fresh out of garden on ice)
Thai Dragon Pepper:  (each) ground. a little less then 1/8 tsp. (a little less then half 1/4 tsp measured)
or ground cayenne pepper
Turmeric: (each) ground. a little less then 1/8 tsp. (a little less then half 1/4 tsp measured)
Cayenne Pepper Liquid Extract 1 to 3 drops
to each container.
We use this to give texture to the dried ingredients.

(Makes 2)

Cut the pealed ginger into sticks and chop them a little. 
Put ginger and apple cider 2 oz. into blender, blend to liquid.
Split it into 2 add half to each container.

Add 2 oz. apple cider to each container.

Add 2 oz. pure cranberry juice to each container.

Add 1 tsp. pure beet juice to each container.
note: more beet juice tends to overwhelm the taste of anything else.

Add 2 oz. hibiscus (berry) tea or any hibiscus tea to each container.
note: if you have severe low blood pressure you may want to limit your consumption of hibiscus tea

Add a little less then 1/8 tsp ground Thai Dragon pepper
(or ground cayenne pepper)  to each container.

Add a little less then 1/8 tsp ground Turmeric
to each container.

Add  Cayenne Pepper Liquid Extract 1 to 3 drops
to each container.

Container: you can make it in two 16 oz. bottles add some kombucha till 3/4 fill
Keep them in the refrigerator until you are ready to make them 
in a 22 oz. container to finish the recipe.

In a 22 oz. container, with the above ingredients in it, finish filling it to the top with kombucha.  
(we made one ripe, one raw)


Shake the bottle before each pour or drink.

First time pour half and add kombucha to adjust to your taste.

We often pour and have another bottle of kombucha to refill it tothe top after each pour until the bottle of kombucha is used up. This extends the experience and allows for sampling at different degrees of taste.

When using the apple cider, pure cranberry juice and pure beet juice shake the bottle just before pouring out into measures, this gets the pulp off the bottom into solution.

We use empty store bought kombucha bottles
(if you want the labels off warming them with a heat gun (approx $20.00).
With practice, and a single edge razor blade to start them,
you can peel them off and then remove any adhesive.

Serve in wine glass or small tea cup (round no handle) 
or out of your 22 oz. cold beverage container,

We use a Lifefactory 22 oz. water bottle

Añjali Mudrā
Maharishi Déjà Vu

" A Window Into The Temple
If it's not " LIFE " it's not Kombucha"

Life Kombucha
Life Kombucha Brewing Co.
Maharishi Deja Vu © Sicilian Family Productions
 All Rights Reserved

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